Popular Fuels and Oils We Supply:

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

We keep clear (on highway) and dyed (off highway) ultra low sulfur #2 diesel fuels. Our clear ultra low sulfur diesel may be used for on-highway vehicles and equipment. Dyed ultra low sulfur diesel may be used for any off-road or off-highway equipment such as construction equipment, generators, reefer units, farm equipment and many off-highway uses.

Ethanol Free Gas and Ethanol Gas

We stock non-ethanol 90 octane gas, engineered to improve your fuel economy. This ethanol free gas provides better vehicle mileage and is suitable for your automotive, boating, lawn equipment needs and more. We also stock ethanol gas in various grades.

Diesel / Gas Engine Oils, Fuel Additives, and Industrial Oils & Greases

We stock straight weight or multi weight viscosity engine oils as well as synthetic and non-synthetic grades. Our lubricant line includes hydraulic oils, gear oils, heat transfer oils, cutting oils and many specialty lubricant products. Our warehouse stocks high temperature, synthetic and specialty greases for industrial needs.

Fuel additives may be used to prevent gelling in the winter or increase fuel lubrication and clean injectors in the summer. Additives may be added to fuel deliveries upon request.

K1 Kerosene

We stock K1 clear kerosene for a wide range of heating uses, such as furnaces, kerosene heaters and lamps. We also offer scented kerosene additives for smaller unvented kerosene heaters.

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Services We Provide:

On-site Tank Services and Deliveries

  • On-site tank fueling
  • On-site equipment fueling (wet hosing)
  • On-site generator fueling
  • On-site tank gauging for generators as requested
  • On-site tank gauging for job sites as requested
  • Tank (skid, dual, basin) loans
  • 200 - 5000+ Gallon Tankwagon Deliveries
  • Oil and grease product delivery to site
  • Minor fuel pump repairs

On-site Equipment Fueling

  • Wet hosing equipment (200 gallon minimum)
  • On-site tank gauging and top off as requested

Emergency and Emergency Storm Work

  • After hours or holiday deliveries
  • Power outages – fueling generators
  • On-site generator tank gauging and top-off
  • Diesel anti-gel additives for cold weather
  • Hospitals-Nursing Care Homes-Business-Emergency Facilities-Generator Fueling

Supplies for Fuel and Oil Needs

  • Drums, pumps, gauge sticks, tank gauge charts, water finding paste, diesel fuel additives, pump repair kits, minor pump repair in our shop, spigots, valves, tank caps, grease guns, 5 gallon cans, heavy duty and light duty pumps, flow meters, fuel filters, nozzles, tank emergency vents, spill pads, booms and etc.

Visit Our Warehouse to Pick-up Fuels, Oils and Supplies

Pick-ups are available during warehouse hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30am to 5pm